ホームNPO団体ASSICについて | 代表理事あいさつ



代表理事 サリ・ビック・ルクワゴ(Ssali Vick Lukwago)

代表理事 サリ・ビック・ルクワゴ(Ssali Vick Lukwago)の写真 皆さん、こんにちは。

Greetings to my fellow members of the board of directors, and to all the members and supporters of ASSIC.
When I first met the ASSIC staff in 2011 and learned of what they were doing for the children of my native Uganda, I was truly moved. I decided immediately that the best thing to do was to join and support them. When I think about the political and social history of Uganda, I think about the desperate plight of the children of this beautiful nation that has for decades been ravaged by wars, diseases and negligence. I also realise that while it is almost impossible for a single NPO to put right all that is going wrong with the children of Uganda as the nation struggles to rehabilitate itself, even the little we can do at ASSIC is worth trying. I want therefore to do my best to support all the activities related to the Uganda project. I also hope that by supporting and taking part in this project, many of our Japanese friends will understand more about Uganda, and Africa in general, learn African culture and history, and expand their human networks for a more promising future for the entire human race.